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SSS engages in agribusiness concentrating on the distribution of fertilizer for the Indonesian cacao industry. The company operates in the Southeast and West of Sulawesi, a location known to be one of the largest cacao producing areas in the world. We are partnering with related parties in the business, namely fertilizer manufacturers, agribusiness companies, academia, cacao farmers, and Dinas Perkebunan, integrated into a partnership where all parties will benefit. Along with the trend in certification and food traceability, we are working together with global leaders in the cacao industry to source directly from farmers by providing agro-input provision, commodity certification and ensuring a reliable supply chain. Fairways benefit on the knowledge of logistics, distribution, and market entry into the fertilizer and cacao trading business as well as access to production sources and assets. The farmers, being a primary partner, benefits from the increase of plantation yields; enriching income up to three times their normal level, and by receiving training on sustainable farming techniques and plantation management. 


Our portion is to provide initial working capital by buying fertilizer and operating the distribution and trading network. We will also drive the long-term strategic direction and provide coordination between all parties involved. The long-term plan is to replicate the business plan to other cacao producing areas in Sulawesi and build the first fertilizer factory in Sulawesi.  




The business plan at KES forms a 850-hectare nickel mine and processing plant under development in Southeast Sulawesi. Our role in this company consists of deal sourcing, fund raising, business plan development and execution. Partnering with related parties in the business, together we will ensure a proper financial and execution planning to eventually become a leading Indonesian nickel company. 


Targeted production commencement starting in early 2012, we are building the infrastructure with a goal to perform our first export in the second quarter of 2012. 




BNM is our trading and service arm. We trade a wide range of commodities and other alternative products. Our strategy synergizes with our other companies such as nickel mining at KES, gold trading at PT Timas and  cacao trading at SSS. 




Barisan Integra, a turnaround of a previously distressed asset, is now transformed in to a mass-market trade center in downtown Bandung, West Java. A non-functioning shopping mall was bought in 2008 and renovated to form over a 5,000sqm of retail space consisting of 7 floors including the basement. 


Located in Bandung’s premier shopping district, in the heart of Bandung, Metro Dallas Plaza (MD Plaza) holds an attractive business opportunity for vendors located in Bandung. After its soft opening in July 2009, MD Plaza now exists to be one of the most popular shopping destinations for shoppers in Bandung. 




Hoops Arena is a pioneering state-of-the-art basketball facilities located in Kemang, South Jakarta. It is a one-stop-sports center featuring a full and half-court, retail area, advertisement space, and a food court area. 


Hoops Arena is an answer to basketball facilities, which is now in short supply amidst its growing popularity. Targeted for the A and B market where young adults can bring along their family to enjoy sports, shopping, and experience the F&B area surrounding the courts. 


As of today, the courts are routinely booked for practice by top and national basketball teams and teams sponsored by corporate companies. This year, our target is to develop a basketball academy where individuals of all ages can learn basic training for basketball. 




Established in 2009, Titipan Mas with its Solusi Tunai brand is rapidly growing with a huge customer base and 16 branches opened in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.


Our main business model is gold trading using installment methods or deposits of gold.  The market opportunity of Solusi Tunai is the mass households and small businesses that are searching for alternative investment for the future savings in the form of gold. Assisting the government program in moving the micro economy, it is our commitment to be a major practice to the mass market by offering a friendly solution -- simple procedures and competitive prices.


Service excellence lies at the core of Solusi Tunai’s value proposition. In accordance with our tag line, “Aman, Cepat, dan Bersahabat”, Solusi Tunai provides secure, fast and friendly service. Our customers trust and convinience is highly preferred and we are committed to offer our best service. At Solusi Tunai, we introduce modern management, technology, and marketing concepts. Unlike our competitors, we deploy modern inventory systems to improve customer security and convenience.  


The marketing strategy at Solusi Tunai is a combination of traditional social networks with the latest CRM practices to enable a multi-level viral marketing program.  Our mission, to expand to other areas of Indonesia, will soon be realized starting in March 2012.


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