Fairways invest in a variety of instruments, including common and preferred shares, senior and mezzanine debt securities and loans, convertible and exchangeable securities and derivative instruments.  We invest at various business cycles including operating companies, promising start-up companies, leveraged buy-outs, refinancing, development capital and venture capital, with focus on growth and development capital.  

Led by professional management teams, our invested companies at Fairways are at various development stages and are poised to start delivering returns to its shareholders

- PT Sulawesi Subur Sejahtera (SSS) (Link to Market  By Company  PT SSS)
  Scope: Fertilizer Distribution and Agro Trading
- PT Kembang Emas Sultra (KES) (Link to Market  By Company  PT KES)
  Scope: Nickel Mining and Trading
- PT Titipan Mas (Solusi Tunai) (Link to Market  By Company  PT Titipan Mas)
  Scope: Gold trading (Solusi Tunai)

 - PT Barisan Integra(Link to Market  By Company  PT Barisan Integra)
   Scope: Mass-market Trade Center

 - PT Hoops Arena (Link to Market  By Company  PT Hoops Arena)
   Scope: Sports Center

 - PT Benteng Negara Mandiri, (Link to Market  By Company  PT Benteng Negara Mandiri)
   Scope: Commodity trading
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