By Sector


Indonesia’s rich natural resources, particularly in mining and agriculture/ crop estates, offer abundant and attractive opportunities. With the government shift towards a more investor friendly climate, both regulations and tax regime are favorable and offer superior returns. It has become our pledge to develop the natural wealth equitably with full responsibility for the sustainability of resources and trickle down economy to the community. PT Sulawesi Subur Sejahtera (SSS) and PT Kembar Emas Sutra (KES) are at the forefront of these efforts.



Providing cross-sectoral support to our companies engaging in mining and agro, our trading activities constitutes a line of commodity trading in forwards and futures for cacao, coal, gold, nickel, and silver under the company PT Benteng Negara Mandiri (BNM)



Our endeavor under this sector has successfully served the mass-market population in terms of fulfilling their small value - high volume transaction needs and alternative investment through our company engaged in gold trade and investment, PT Titipan Mas Solusi Tunai



Catering a niche market segment in the property and lifestyle market, PT Barisan Integra and PT Hoops Arena, offer diverse selection for an alternative lifestyle for the urban population.


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