Strategy & Value



In line with Indonesia’s economy, Fairways continues to invest and grow with the fast growing sectors in Indonesia. We uphold the five key competences that strongly correlate to value creation in both our advisory and investments business line to achieve our goal.  These are Strategy Formulation, Corporate Finance / Deal Structuring, Talent and Incentive Management, Operational Execution, and Capital Market Strategy. 




Transparency and fairness is our principal reference in cooperation with all clients and stakeholders.



We assure that the steadfastness of our services continue to bring sustainable benefit to our clients and stakeholders. 



Our pace is adaptive to the conditions and business trends within the scope of our services. We promote flexibility but put forward accountability and professionalism.



Striving to produce effective and unique industry specific solutions for our clients, we are solving today’s problems while imagining new innovations that shape the future. 



An example of our extended values can be portrayed through our responsibility to human and natural resources within our scope of work. Engaging in the processing of natural resources as one of the fast growing sectors, we place responsibility to the environment and community as one of our top values. It has become our determination to preserve nature and it’s sustainability with a world-class standard. Fairways’ concerns include renewable resource and community development. We allocate an amount of revenue directly to the local community for the CSR Program that includes environmental recycling, community and environmental programs. We are building a forum for the community in Sulawesi to build and improve their daily activities and income namely seaweed processing, palm oil, or fishery so that the community can create their own economy.  Building schools, health and community centers, public works and sanitation is also one of our long-term plans. It is important that we help bring respectable social and economy benefit to the communities we partner with.


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