Who We Are
Established in 2008, Fairways has grown to create many business entities that will lead in their industries. Focusing on seed, growth, and buy-out opportunities.  Combining strategy formulation, operational excellence, potent talent and market innovation, it is our commitment to operate Fairways at the highest standard for a world-class investment firm.

Founded by former management consultants and bankers, our business strategy works hand-in-hand with execution. Our capacity in leading business operations, turnarounds, timely exits, and deal sourcing are our core competencies.

Our approach is to identify the unique opportunities in each sectors, assemble the required professional team for execution, raise the necessary funding, and be highly involved in the implementation of the businesses.

By being locals to Indonesia, we possess a strong network of prominent contacts in both central and regional governments as well as among the business and professional communities.  This network gives us privileged access to deals, funding, and professionals.

Our services at Fairways are grouped into three business lines: Advisory, Investment and Fund Management, withinvestments consisting of a range of startup and growth companies in four sectors – Natural Resources, Energy, Retail Financial Services & Consumer Goods, and Property & Lifestyle.

The companies we invest in engage in the fast growing sectors in Indonesia, primarily those that utilize Indonesia’s strengths, which are its huge population, growing middleclass, abundant natural resources and attractive investment climate. Our companies are present in mining, commodity trading, agribusiness, retail financial services, and mass-market trade centers.

As of today, our evolution is right on track and has shown credible results in delivering innovation and outstanding return for our stakeholders and shareholders.
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